• Grey Back Duplex Board
  • Duplex White Back Board
  • Folding Box Board
  • Pe Coated Board For Liquid Packaging

White Coated Duplex Board (White Black and Grey Black) 250 to 500 GSM,White UnCoated Duplex Board (White Black and Grey Black) 250 to 500 GSM,One Side Coated SBS Board ( 280 to 480 GSM )

Our wide range of boards to the packaging industry viz; single and double coated Boards with Grey-Back, white-Back and kraft-Back options, offered in 230 to 600 GSM.

Our Product range also includes value added products like Cup Stock Board for paper cups and Folding Box boards for high end packaging segment. Among the uncoated range we offer Grey-Back and kraft-Back boards to the Garment and Footwear industry.

The feature packed multi-layer boards are made of state of Art technology using virgin fibers in top layers and recycled fibers in the middle that ensure good bulk, extra strength and stiffness to the boards to suit to the needs of packaging industry. The Duplex range possesses excellent box making properties.

The products are used in a wide range of application segments viz; Pharmaceutical, Apparel, Match Box, Cigarette, Liquid Packaging, Food Packaging and various other Packaging applications.

Excellent Surface and Optical Properties with good Feel and Visual Appeal have made the West Coast boards a “printers’ favorite”.

Products Offered GSM End Uses
Duplex Board Coated Super 230 –  450 Pharmaceuticals, Food Packaging, Garments, Liquor Cartons, Agarbati etc.
Duplex Board Coated 230 –  450 Match box, Agarbati, Garment, Sweet Boxes, Hosiery, Spare Parts etc.
Duplex Board White Back     (HWC) / (LWC) 230 –  450 Pharmaceuticals, Food Packaging, Garments,  Agarbati, Wedding & Greeting Cards, Paper Plates, Notebook & Text Book Covers etc
Sudarshan Cup Stock 170 – 180 Paper Cups
Sudarshan-UltraWhite         Coated Board 230 –  450 Garment, /Saree-Boxes, Agarbati segment
Duplex Ultra White Coated Premium Board 230 –  450 Pharmaceuticals, Premium-saree boxes, Cosmetics and varieties of cards.
Duplex Board (Deluxe) Uncoated Boards 230 –  600 Garments, Foot Wear
Coated Duplex Board LWC 200 –  600 Match Box, Agarbati, Garments, Hosiery, Spare Parts
Duplex Bd. LWC Kraft Back 230 –  600 Top liner for Corrugation Segment, Garment Inserts, fruit boxes, etc..