We are Located in Ajman Free Zone & Saif Zone (Sharjah International Airport Free Zone), UAE.

Our timely deliveries and prompt services have helped us emerge as one of the leading supplier of a variety of Plastic, Packaging and Chemicals raw materials in the U.A.E. We have a strong support with our client and offer them a vast diversified of packing and packaging product portfolio.

Partnership in Performance

Across different product categories, a common goal binds us – to innovate efficiently, cost-effectively and flexibly in order to supply evolving products to ever-changing markets. Partnering with Print Pack& Global Print Pack helps you to achieve these goals effortlessly.

At PPGT & GPGT, we listen carefully to your needs to determine the right product for your requirements. In fact, product definition at PPGT synergizes your unique market experiences with our in-depth understanding of the entire value-chain of the packaging industry.

Even as you use our perfectly engineered products to face the tough marketplace challenges of today, we stay by your side and support you with our consultancy services. Our goal is always the same – to deliver the greatest possible value to our customers

We represent leading brands from Europe, India and China. PPGT & GPGT offers an unmatched product portfolio with impressive global resources, local services and personalized expertise. We offer the most reliable products in the most streamlined fashion. We provide solution of all Plastic &packaging and chemicals to converters in Middle East and Africa.