• Base Shells
  • Engrave ( Digital& Chemical Etching Cylinders)

All the designs are extremely eye catching and customer favorite at the design department, Print pack General Trading FZC is able to create your own packaging, taking into account all artistic and technical parameters combining them with the products specifications, presenting the best design ideas. The design section is equipped with hi-tech digital equipment of a modern studio.

  • Scanner for reproduction,
  • Photo scanning,
  • Digital SLR Camera for TP Shoot and
  • Products shooting are the major equipments used in it.

 The designs in any form of line art work,transparencies are scanned, color corrected on latest graphics software under high-end pre-press shop from Art Pro.

  • The latest form of design submitted in the digital data.
  • To ensure precision, the digital proof is issued on inkjet proffer.
  • These latest innovative methods focus on accuracy & the pre-processing ensures the maintenance of original creativity.

 Our supplier has, MDC Gravostar Engraver & the HELL Engraver the engraver unit is Ideal for packaging, decor printing and uses specific filter for board and foil printing.


  • Film less engraving
  • The collage workstation for electronic engraving takes the color separated cylinder data & converts it into engraving pulses.
  • Seamless joints around and across cylinder.

 Engraving screens from 31.5-200 LPCM.