Laminating Adhesives


Solvent Less Lamination Adhesive

  •  General Performance Adhesive
  •  Medium Performance Adhesive

Solvent Base Lamination Adhesive

  •  Medium Performance Adhesive
  •  High Performance Adhesive

Supreme High Performance Adhesive

Our lamination adhesive is an acrylic co-polymer emulsion used in lamination of films (bopp/pet, pvc) or aluminium foil etc. To paper/duplex board.    lamination adhesives are further classified in two categories:

  1. Dry lamination adhesive:-for fully automatic high speed machines like billhoefer, wenchyuan, stienaman, autobond etc.
  2. Wet lamination adhesive:-for semi automatic machines.


  • Faster drying,
  • Wrinkle-free product, even if aged at 70 to 80 deg celsius
  • Superior bond gives paper-tear or ink transfer on delamination.
  • No delamination during folding/creasing and embossing in cartons and guttering in books.

Area of applications:-

  • Water based dry lamination adhesive for film to paper/board application
  • Water based wet lamination adhesive